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Electronic Information Systems

View the status of your shipment at any time during the process

The need for reliable and opportune information is met through automated control processes and cutting-edge technology, which allow you to view your shipments via the internet, with customized reports and interfaces.
  • Cloud-based TMS/WMS/YMS/CBS solutions offer lots of flexibility.
  • Customizable dashboardss.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Real-time information.
  • Visibility and traceability.
  • Automatic tracking status.
  • Accurate reporting.
  • Third Party Software Integration: ERP, EDI, SAP, ABI.
  • Digital record keeping (document and image).

Supply chain software

Convert your operations into a true competitive advantage


TMS is a software that facilitates moving of freight from point A to point B - from origin to destination. P&P Global Logistics has a unique and flexible TMS Solution that gives you a complete end-to-end network and process visibility.

-PPG owned software

-Integrated to the Customs process

-Global control tower

-GPS integration

-Monitoring and tracking 24/7

-Automatic tracking status by email

-Cloud based TMS technology

-Auditing of freight

-Administration of payments to carrier

-Web Dashboards KPI’s


-PPG owned software.

-Real-time and customizable BI reporting via internet.

-Centralized set up is hosted in the cloud.

-Integration with customer ERP systems at a P.O. or ASN level.

-Interactive tool for shippers, vendors and customers.

-Access through any laptop or tablet with a simple internet connection.

-Visibility to all inbound and outbound shipments in route or customs cleared.

-Tracking of P.O.

-EDI friendly.

-Web Dashboards KPI’s


Provides a complete inventory management solution, controlling inventory (barcode), tracking items, shipping and receiving, order fulfillment, ensuring adequate supplies and increasing warehouse productivity.

Real Time Visibility, from any device. Give supervisors real time visibility into work in process and work completion. Enterprise view for decision-maker, status, timing and KPI’S.

Flexibility and Advanced Integration Capabilities. Business Processes Customization and Data Integration with your ERP, TMS or Other System via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

-PPG owned software


Security and reliability in every step of our processes.


Our technology are the best in the market to assure our customers the highests levels of professionalism, integrity, and security. Our global business continuity plan addresses business interruption and contingency planning for our people, our facilities, and our systems. Preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is one of the most importants focus in P&P IT Infrastructure.
  • Security
  • Risk Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • High-Performance Storage
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning